The Asbury Park High School Library subscribes to several databases that provide access to full-text articles from magazines, newspapers, journals and reference sources. APHS students and staff can access the databases from school and from home. Passwords are available in the library.

African-American History Online: Provides expansive and in-depth information on the people, events, and topics important to the study of African-American history.

American Indian History Online: Offers thorough access to more than 15,000 years of Native American culture, history, and heritage.

American History Online: Spans more than 500 years of political, military, social, and cultural history, highlighting the important people and events of the American experience.

American Women's History Online: Covers the important people, events, legislation, and issues relevant to the study of women's history in the United States.

Ancient and Medieval History Online: Explores the pre-modern world with in-depth focus on Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, Africa, Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

Bloom's Literary Reference Online: Examines great writers, important works, memorable characters, and influential movements and events in world literature.
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Britannica Encyclopedia features include: Biography of the Day, blogs, current events, online activities, “This Day in History”, timeline creator, video and more.
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Culture Grams: Current information about states and countries. Includes customs, facts, biographies, photos, recipes and more.
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Custom Newspapers: a newspaper collection providing: New Jersey newspapers, the New York Times (full-text from January 1, 2000 to the present), plus many more national and international newspapers.
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EBSCOHost: -a comprehensive reference source from encyclopedias, journals, newspapers, and periodicals

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center: Provides detailed profiles of more than 3,300 jobs and 94 industries, invaluable advice on career skills, more than 55,000 resource entries, and much more!
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Gale Power Search: Provides access to reference e-Books

Health Reference Center: Provides clear and comprehensive information on conditions and diseases, health and wellness, mental health, and the human body.
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Health Source: Consumer Edition: a collection of consumer health information.
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History Reference Center:The database features full text for more than 1,990 reference books, encyclopedias and non-fiction books.
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¡Informe!:a database reference tool providing indexing, images and full-text of popular Hispanic magazines and newspapers.
Una colección de revistas hispánicas con textos completos. Abarca negocios, salud, tecnolog�­a, cultura, temas de actualidad y otras materias.
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Ebsco Literary Reference Center: Information on the most studied authors and their works from antiquity to the present day.

Modern World History Online:Covers the people, places, and events in the broad expanse of history from mid-15th century to the present.
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Points of View Reference Center: provide students and schools with a series of controversial essays that present multiple sides of a current issue.

Science Online: Presents a broad range of scientific disciplines through extensive definitions, essays, diagrams, biographies, and experiments.
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World Book Online: a general encyclopedia, with an atlas, dictionary, e-books, primary sources, timelines and more.
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World Book Discover: for differentiated instruction, includes reference articles, text-to-speech capabilities, learning and life skills activities, research tools, multimedia, and interactive video.
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Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos:World Book in Spanish

World Geography and Culture Online: A global approach to facilitate the study of countries, places, peoples, and geography concepts and skills.